about arada.ch

Hoi hoi!


This is my personal website and I have created this page because I would like to share my music, photos or stories from interesting places which I have visited.

I would like to name my website “et”  from evgenia tsianou, but there is no option to get a two word name. So I thought to choose “arada”,  which sounds easy to remember and the meaning could match my current life style. So arada is a greek word which means either line or continuously, without interruption, continually.  I keep the part “without interruption”, non stop, full of energy! Friends call me troubleshooter. I have a lot and curly hair from black to white colors. My thoughts follow a similar pattern to hair. Automatically, I analyze why things work the way they do, and then I employ my insights to develop potential improvements. Three things drive my life until today; friends, food and love.

My name is a bit complicated to pronounce.  A german speaking person could read it as ewjenia. It is a greek name and not russian as most think.

Evgenia: Ευγενία> ευ + γέννος > ευ: a prefix to indicate something “good”,  γέννος: genre.

Evgenis used to be the rich and well educated people. Nowadays, evgenia means politeness.

That’s all from my side for the moment, let’s give you a tour to the website. I prefer to write in English, however it is not my mother tongue.

On the page I like it, you can read about something that I find interesting. On the page Words in a row., you can find photos from graffiti, sentences from books etc which I probably agree or got inspired.

If you would like to listen to my music (hmm I mean what I enjoy listening, I do not have any music education) then click  What I listen.  Click I captured it  to see my photos or to share your photos with me.

Last, you can find all the information about my professional experiences in the page I got involved.

Enjoy and feel free to contact me,