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Project Management, science communication | Ioannina-Trikala region, Greece| 2018-current

About: Agromine is a Life co-funded project about cropping hyperraccumulator plants on nickel-rich soils and wastes for the green synthesis of pure nickel compounds with demonstration sites in Greece, Albania, Spain and Austria. Agromine  aims to demonstrate a sustainable approach for the recovery of nickel (Ni) from sub-economic ores. The approach is based on the use of nickel-accumulating plants, which extract nickel from soil and store it in the above-ground biomass. Aer harvesting and incinerating the plants, nickel is recovered by an hydrometallurgic process from the ash. The project is in line with the circular economy concept and creates a new business aimed at recovering high-value metals such as nickel.

Partner: alchemia-nova

Role: science communicator, project manager

Tasks: developing – designing – implementing educational activities to schools and technical workshops to farmers in Greece accompanied with educational and communication material (example Layman’s report), representing the partner to annual meetings, submitting report deliverables, assuring the implementation of tasks concerning the partner, sampling –  field work

What motivates me to this project: Apart from my various tasks in this project from office to field work which keep me alert, I find interesting  project’s innovation aspects. This project is creating a new era not only to mining but to the agriculture sector as well. “Agrominers” is being defined as a new job. I am looking forward to seeing farmers to grow our metals!