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Develop Concept and Design a hackathon where researchers, artists and product designers develop solutions for the future cities | Project management, Science Communication | Athens, Greece | 2019 – 2020

Partner: National Centre of Scientific Research “Demokritos” & Impact Hub Athens

About: Architects, artists, designers and engineers will interact with researchers to explore, co-create and design on materials, devices and new products. Use art, creativity and imagination as a vehicle for exploiting the potential of the research undertaken in NCSR Demokritos, creating links with products, applications and professionals.

From Lab to Market: A co-creation event with joint forces from different backgrounds aiming to design products that will integrate innovative materials in the cities of the future.

  • How can we exploit the potential of research and create links with products, applications and entrepreneurship?
  • How can we disseminate the social and financial impact of research?
  • How do we shape the background for the required transition from labs to the market and to society?

Website: https://innovmatters.gr/