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Project Management | 2019 |  6 months

About: Transform an old bike to a Bicycle Powered Blender!

Together with Aris Papatheodoropoulos, founder of the Smoothie & Juice Bar at Monastiraki in Athen, Chymopeio, worked together to transform an old bike to a Bicycle Powered Blender, the “Juicy bike”. It has been one of the most fruitful and entertaining collaborations. We brought disciplinary and resources (support from technicians) to our hobby idea, so that it will be implemented. First, we developed a project plan with the objectives of this activity, and then in regular meetings we worked out according to the plan. We worked at LUDD, a fabrication laboratory (thanks to Stratos from rokani! Stratos was the troubleshooter and our instructor). Steve from the bike store at Keramikos in Athens developed part of the infrastructure. Juicy bike was launched at the zero waste festival athens 2019 at Kypseli Municipal Market.

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