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Science Communication | 2015 | 2 months

About: The Swiss Academy of  Natural Sciences celebrated the 200th anniversary with a touring exhibition. A “moving” interactive museum  “Forschung live” with 3 installations about the past, today and future answering crucial questions; “What has the academy achieved the last 200 years? What are the research topics at present? What are the future questions to be answered so that we will build  a better  society?” The event exhibited the urgent of an open dialogue among scientists and public.

Partner: Swiss Academy of Sciences

Role: science communicator

Tasks :Communicating natural science topics to a wide range of audiences in Lucerne, Zurich, St. Gallen, Aarau, Basel (in German and in English) attract passengers reply to questions, present the thematic areas

Watch here  as the topic  was  covered by SRF Tagesschau.